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Martha's Vineyard

Categoría : Wine store

  • Dirección : Ctra. Moraira-Teulada, 42, 03724 Moraira, Alicante
  • Teléfono : +34711023344
  • Página web :
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Lista de comentarios para Martha's Vineyard :

- We went to one of Martha’s events last night - all about ‘submarine wines’. It was fascinating and really enjoyable - really pleased we went. There were about 12 of us there and we all had a lovely plate of cheeses/meats and crackers along with our tasting glasses. Martha is very engaging and her passion for wines really comes through - a very enjoyable evening and the wines were superb - I’d never heard of underwater wines - but it’s definitely an up and coming way of aging wines - the difference when we compared the wines that were not submerged was significant. Thank you Martha  !

- I went to the Spain vs. Italy tasting last week and I have never enjoyed wine so much  ! I’m definitely not a wine connoisseur and typically did not think I liked red wines but now I realize that I simply hadn’t had the right one 🙂 Martha is so good at making you feel comfortable and was able to answer all my questions and had very tasty food. I’m looking forward to going back.

- Cannot give Martha and her wine tasting experience more praise. We’ve been to tastings in Washington, California, Italy, and elsewhere in Spain and this was by far the best. You do not want to miss a chance to have a tasting here  !

- What an excellent experience at Martha’s Vineyard last night. Martha gave a lovely guided tasting with passion and great humour. Excellent wines lovely food pairing and great service. We will be back regularly.

- El sábado pasado, junto con familia y amigos, tuvimos una 'cata de vinos a ciegas' en Marta's Vineyard. Para mí, esa fue muy difícil pero muy educativa  ! La anfitriona habla con pasión sobre las regiones vinícolas españolas, las variedades de uva, los productores de vino y la clasificación de los vinos españoles. Marta, junto a su equipo, sabe cómo hacer de este un evento inolvidable. Los vinos que pudimos degustar fueron todos vinos especiales y los aperitivos fueron apropiados y deliciosos. Fue una tarde muy divertida, educativa y agradable para todos nosotros. ¡Gracias Marta y tu equipo  !

- My experience wine tasting with Martha’s Vineyard was excellent, a great setting, quality wines to discover and learn about, corresponding apero dishes to enhance the tasting  ! Martha makes sure to make it an elegant yet cozy and warm experience  ! I highly recommend it as a lovely way to share a quality moment with friends and family  !

- Martha’s is a must for people who want to understand the history and stories behind the wines. The vineyard, the growers, the grapes, etc. The wines Martha sells seem to taste better when you know the back story  !

- Can’t wait to visit Martha’s Vineyard when I’m next in Moraira. Attended several tastings last year Martha is a wonder host & I wish you great success in your new home.

- Muy bien llevado, los detalles de cada vino con la dinamica de la conversación resaltan la experiencia a otro nivel.

- Fue una experiencia muy interesante, educativa y muy entreñable.

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